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I make things happen on the Internet at the cross-section of web strategy: Social Media, Web Development, and Politics.

Web Dev
Social Media

Stuff people say ...

“Jeremy is a rare blogger and individual and it has been a real pleasure to work with him. Jeremy knows social software like few people in the industry. Jeremy is proactive, hard working and passionate. Can't wait to work together again.” Loic Le Meur - CEO Seesmic, founder of Le Web, and also named one of the 25 most influential people on the web by Businessweek Magazine
"It's been a pleasure working with Jeremy." Marcus Welz - client
“I've gotten to know Jeremy quite well. He is the kind of guy that I would love to have in my organization: creative, detail oriented, thoughtful, people oriented. Jeremy is very attuned to what's happening in "new media". He understands not only the social dynamics of making new media work, but also much of the technology behind it. That's a rare combination. A forward-looking organization would certainly benefit from these skills. My recommendation: Two thumbs up!” Steve Webb - Owner, InTouch Productions
"Jeremy was very prompt and delivered a quality product." Mark Forman - client
“Jeremy is a very creative producer. He manages to make time for multiple projects and some how can juggle them all at once. I am envious of his energy level!” Jason Watts - client
“Every now and then you have a chance to work with someone whose professionalism really stands out. Jeremy is such a person. He takes initiative and he also proved himself to be a true team player and asset. His willingness to throw shoulder to the wheel and do anything that needed doing - always with a smile and easygoing countenance - made him a true joy to work with, not to mention a valuable asset.” Cathy Brooks - Seesmic, Business Development
“I consider myself very fortunate to work with a such high-caliber person as Jeremy. His knowledge of social software is unparalleled, always keeping us ahead of the curve when communicating the goings on at Seesmic on the company blog. He always maintained incredible poise while handling the challenging tasks. He is a dedicated, creative person with an incredible attention to detail that would be an asset to any company.” Joan Lockwood - Seesmic, Director of Marketing & PR
"I have seen his dedication and commitment to his projects and am impressed with his abilities to manage many things at once." Jean-Ann Miller - Producer, Electric Sheep Company
“Jeremy must be one of the most diligent people I know. He's always on schedule, resourceful, and a self starter! Jeremy exemplifies true character as not only a PHP guru but as a true leader that always goes above and beyond. He continually exceeds the expectations of not only management, but more importantly his fellow team mates.” Bruce Hoang - Fidelity National Financial, Developer

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